CLY Token
CLY is the utility & governance token of the CLYTIE ecosystem. CLY holders will be able to claim rewards when they stake, play to earn, exchange, become Membership in Clytie Shop, and participate in key governance. Players will also be able to earn $CLY when they play various games within the CLYTIE ecosystem and through user-generated content initiatives.
Our goal with CLY is to align the incentives between the players of the game and the developers in novel and exciting ways. The mechanisms described above have two main goals:
  • To reward players for interacting with CLYTIE while simultaneously incentivizing them to hold on to their tokens so they can claim additional rewards.
  • To decentralize the ownership and governance of CLYTIE. In the Future, the Community Treasury will go live. The Community Treasury will begin to receive revenues generated by Clytie Shop platform And C-World game as well as a portion of staking rewards. This treasury will be governed by CLY stakers eventually, once the network has become sufficiently decentralized.
The Treasury receives inflows from both two platforms:
  • 4% of all NFT marketplace transactions.
  • The CLY portion of the breeding fee.
  • 4% from Clytie Shop app
  • More streams will be added in the future from land sales, tournament entree fees, licensing fees, and more as new opportunities present themselves.

Long-term the economy will be sustained by adding:

Additional valuable utility to CLY. New and improved experiences such as Land and Battle updates will be introduced over time. New experiences outside of Battle will also add utility to CLY beyond their effectiveness in fleeting metas. Players will constantly have new goals to reach within the game. Ultimately, the demand for CLY will come from the intrinsic value they can provide to players in the form of competitive, social, and progression based fun and achievements.
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