Eternal Token (ETL)
Eternal Tokens ($ETL) are the native currency of the game. They can be used to upgrade skills, upgrade equipment, evolve, summon new pets and upgrade Land.
Each time ETL is spent, they are burned as deflationary mechanics to keep the price stable over the long term. Eternal is earned for playing games in PvP & PvE mode.
Clytie does not sell $ETL to players directly and does not provide.

How To Earn?

  • Do quest daily in the PvP and PvE mode
  • Open Box in the game
  • Pick up items on quests
  • Trade items in the marketplace
  • Enter the leaderboard
  • Summon a new pet and trade


  • Upgrade Eternal Hero's level
  • Upgrade equipment
  • Upgrade skill
  • Summon pet and upgrade level
  • Trade items in the marketplace
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